2016 USCA Sieger Show Recap and Photos

2016 USCA Sieger Show Recap and Photos

For this year’s USCA Sieger Show, Haus Amberg Shepherds brought a team of handlers to show several German shepherds for our past clients and friends. We would like to thank everyone who was a part of the weekend’s events and a special thank you to Anna, Mike and Niko (our handlers)!

Many of our dogs placed well with the help of our professional handlers, and we were glad to have an impact on the results.

Honesty, Integrity, Hardwork!

Working Class Males

  • VA 1 Maffey vom Quartier Latin
  • VA 2 Esto von der Plassenburg
  • VA 3 Team Leiksaid Kapitan
  • V 4 Lingo Feetback
  • VA 5 Furbo vom Haus Khan

Working Class Females

  • VA 1 Aci vom Leithawald
  • VA 2 Hara Vom haus Khan
  • VA 3 Tiara vom Mittelwest
  • VA 4 Naila vom Haus Munsinger Dunn
  • VA 5 Madonna vom Badsee

About the Author:

Alishia co-owns Haus Amberg Shepherds with her husband, Patrick. Having lived and worked with shepherds in Germany for years, she has collected a pool of knowledge that she would like to share with fellow German shepherd enthusiasts.

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