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Our Valuable Team Members

Patrick Lockett
Patrick LockettCo- Owner & Trainer
Patrick has worked with the German shepherd dog for over 15 years, starting with his grandfather in Amberg, Germany. He currently is the helper for OG Neumakrt u. Umgebung dog training facility in Bayern, Germany. “I love it because of days like today. We see people come to us with zero experience with dogs, and then they come back after one of our classes. And then they continue to come back, and continue to come back… and a year later, I see a German shepherd that has grown into an amazing product, an amazing dog.”
Alishia Lockett
Alishia LockettCo-Owner & Trainer
Alishia has worked with dogs for the past 10 years in obedience training and excels in raising puppies with high drive and socialization. “Working with the German shepherd is one of the most rewarding experiences. It’s a journey from start to finish as a breeder. You are there at the time of mating, for the female’s prenatal care, the birth, and then raising the pups. It’s a full circle, and you are there for the whole thing!”
Stephanie Kerres
Stephanie KerresBreeder
Stephanie’s love for animals is unparalleled. Each and every puppy she encounters is treated with love and compassion. Since she was a young girl, she has always been a lover of animals, and this attribute is reflected in the quality of puppies she raises. “A dog is loyal and will never hold a grudge.”
Eric Meiselbach
Eric MeiselbachBreeder
Eric has been breeding the German shepherd right out of Germany for years. He has worked alongside many of the top breeders in the business, and the knowledge he has gained is priceless.
Chris and Jen Smith
Chris and Jen SmithBreeders, Virginia
Chris and Jen are breeders at our Virginia kennel,

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