Breeding Females

V Anja vom Amberger Haus, KKL, IPO1 (SZ 2322518)2019-01-19T18:06:04+00:00
V Lusi vom Team Hühnegrab, IPO1, KKL, (SZ 2313962)2019-02-13T13:28:04+00:00
V Dana von den Paderquellen, IPO1, KKL (SZ 2310068)2018-11-14T10:39:09+00:00
V Bella von der Wasserkuppe (SZ 2328123), IPO1, KKL2019-02-04T11:03:33+00:00
Ingrid vom Hammelsbacher Hof, IPO3, KKL (SZ 2293702)2019-02-09T18:31:58+00:00
Finja von der Dörnishöhe, IPO1, KKL (SZ 2319574)2018-08-27T19:06:32+00:00
V1 Dany vom Huhnegrab (SZ 2285578), IPO1, KKL for Life2018-05-08T09:24:12+00:00
V4 Candy von der Burg Haidstein (SZ 2263598), IPO1, KKL For Life2018-05-08T09:24:13+00:00

Meet the Team

Please don't hesitate to call us or send us a message! We are happy to answer all your questions. Buying a shepherd is a huge commitment, and we don't mind chatting with you. Patrick and Alishia

Contact Info

Phone: Germany +49 (0) 171 231 4282

Mobile: USA +1 (352) 656-2629