Male For Sale

FOR SALE: Son of Duran, Hux vom Hühnegrab (SZ 2342446)2019-02-20T12:02:12+00:00
FOR SALE: V2 Costa vom Haus Cerba, IPO1, KKL2018-12-18T09:15:03+00:00
FOR SALE : Yu vom Hühnegrab (SZ 2334156), Located in Germany2019-01-20T12:18:13+00:00
FOR SALE: SG5 BSZS 2018, Zack vom Team Hühnegrab (SZ 2334767)2018-12-17T13:04:50+00:00

Meet the Team

Please don't hesitate to call us or send us a message! We are happy to answer all your questions. Buying a shepherd is a huge commitment, and we don't mind chatting with you. Patrick and Alishia

Contact Info

Phone: Germany +49 (0) 171 231 4282

Mobile: USA +1 (352) 656-2629