FOR SALE: Curtis Veracruz (SZ 2343781)2019-01-15T18:37:23+00:00
FOR SALE: Young Male, Hux vom Hühnegrab (SZ 2342446)2019-01-15T18:32:11+00:00
FOR SALE: Honey vom Huhnegrab, Young Female2019-01-04T11:46:22+00:00
Litter Announcement: Indro and Anja (Located in Germany, SV)2018-12-06T13:49:39+00:00
Litter Reserved: Mars and Dana (Located in Germany, SV)2018-11-14T10:40:01+00:00
Litter Reserved: Natz and Lusi vom Team Huhnegrab (Located in Germany2018-11-14T10:39:08+00:00
Litter Announcement: Quax and Bella (Located in Virginia) (AKC)2018-12-06T13:46:40+00:00
Litter Reserved: Larry and Finja (Located in Germany)2018-11-14T10:39:08+00:00