SOLD: Longcoat Male: Nardo, Located in Germany (SV)2018-08-13T08:59:42+00:00
SOLD: Faruk vom Hühnegrab (SZ 2340539)2018-08-13T08:59:58+00:00
SOLD: Queen and Quino, Located in Germany (SV)2018-08-13T09:00:13+00:00
SOLD: Benno and Yade (SV), Located in Germany2018-07-05T09:09:14+00:00
SOLD Male Longcoat Puppy (Located in Germany)2018-07-05T09:08:51+00:00
SOLD: SG Yhara aus Agrigento (SZ 2325155), IPO1, KKL2018-07-05T09:09:06+00:00
SOLD: V Johanna vom Stendebach (SZ 2280370), IPO1, KKL, Located in Germany2018-07-05T09:09:00+00:00
SOLD: 2017 BSZS V4 Ando vom Haus Theobald (SZ-L 531), Located in Germany2018-06-17T13:33:29+00:00
SOLD: Kingston vom Messebau (SZ 2317771), IPO1, KKL2018-06-11T16:49:28+00:00
SOLD: Bea, Longcoat Female, Located in Germany (SV)2018-05-29T07:53:53+00:00