Haus Amberg Shepherds offers a wide range of training options for your dog. Our custom training programs are based on the level of your dog and the training goals you have in mind for your German shepherd dog. If you’re not 100 percent satisfied with our dog training, please let us know immediately so we can make it right for you and your dog.

After an evaluation of the dog, we will be able to gauge where your dog is and place them in a training program specifically catered towards you and your dog’s training needs. Since we are located in Germany, most of our clients ship their dogs to us where we offer one on one training until your dog has met its training goals.

We specialize in the German shepherd dog, training in BH, AD, Schutzhund (IPO 1, 2, 3), breed surveys (körung), and ring/show training. All of our trainers are highly experienced handlers, as well, and are able to prepare your dog for the ring.

Levels of Training

To properly socialize a puppy, he/she must be able to interact or “socialize” in human society comfortably. From the age of 3 to 12 weeks, socialization is key and in fact very easy. During this time is when your pup is most accepting of new encounters. From 12 to 18 weeks and on, a pup is more cautious of his/her surroundings and is nearly impossible to adapt your puppy to something they find frightening.

Example behavior of a puppy that has not been socialized include barking at objects/people, anxiety around crowds or loud noises, or fearful aggression towards foreign objects/people. A poorly socialized dog will be more likely to react with fear and aggression toward unfamiliar people, objects and environments.

Socialization can be quite the undertaking. As a breeder, we strive for clear, level-headed puppies. Exposure to people, children, other animals, loud noises and environments are all included in proper socialization.

Play drive is key in show training. Whether it’s ball drive, or another type of incentive, the dog will begin to develop drive for the object. We like to use double handling when prepping the dog for show. This technique is when one person will be running the dog in the ring while the other is the caller to provoke the dog into running the ring. We have several trainers that have years of experience with handling dogs in top shows, including the World Sieger Show.

Your dog will also be taken through a series of endurance training sessions, in addition to ring training. These exercises will be closely monitored so that there is no strain on your dog. These sessions include bike rides with your dog for a few miles at different paces every day.

Our accomplishments are proven and shown in the “Sieger” shows all over the world. This is our full-time job and not a weekend adventure.

Schutzhund / IPO is consists of three parts: Obedience, Tracking and Protection. It is both a breed test for the German shepherd dog, as well as a popular sport among dog enthusiasts. In order for a German shepherd to qualify for the breed survey or Köring, he/she must first have a Schutzhund title.

Often people confuse the sport as an aggressive activity. It is not at all. The dog is trained to be aggressive towards the bite sleeve, not towards people. Schutzhund is a test. A German shepherd correctly trained in Schutzhund should show aggression in the protection phase., the decoy, helper or bad guy, should be a worthy adversary, and the dogs courage should be tested. We train our dogs we work with to be confident and encourage such behavior. It is also key to work on control. We teach the dog when it is ok to bite.

Training Videos