Adoption Process

  1. Look at our Available Dogs and Puppies. Browse through our site to learn more about the types of German shepherds we have available. If you don’t see something currently available, we are able to outsource to find exactly what you are looking for in a dog. We may also have future planned litters. Pricing information can be found here.
  2. Fill out our Application. Once you’ve decided you would like to reserve a puppy from a specific current or upcoming litter, the next step is to fill out our Application. We are simply asking the questions to ensure that we properly match you with the right puppy from the right litter. This will also help you to understand whether or not you are prepared for puppy ownership. Dog ownership is a big commitment and as responsible breeders, we hope to provide each of our puppies with a loving forever home.
  3. We will send you pricing information. Prices vary depending on what location your puppy or dog comes from, as well as, the training you are looking for your dog to have.
  4. Schedule a virtual Face to Face. After receiving your Application, we will then get in touch with you via email to pick a time for your 15 minute Zoom call where we will discuss what you are looking for in a puppy or trained aduly.
  5. Determine which current or upcoming litter you would like a puppy from. With your help, we’ll then confirm which litter you prefer to reserve a puppy from. It could be a current litter with reservations still available or another future litter. We have people reserving up to a year or two in advance so it’s never too early to reserve. Please note that you will not be able to pick a specific puppy from a litter at the time of reservation. Choice of puppies is given in the order of deposit when the litter is eight weeks old and ready for their new homes.
  6. Send us a deposit. Once we have confidence that you will provide a good home for one of our puppies, we will then contact you via email asking you to send a 700 USD deposit via our online deposit form. Deposits are non-refundable but we will transfer them to another litter of your choice should timing not work with your schedule or you don’t want to reserve a puppy from the litter you chose to get a puppy from for whatever reason.
  7. Wait for the arrival of your puppy. If you have reserved a puppy from a litter coming up that has not been mated yet, keep watching the Facebook and Instagram pages for updates. If you have reserved a puppy from a litter posted on the Future Litters page, keep watching for that mating to disappear and be listed on the Current Litters page. Litters are posted with photos on the Current Litters page approximately one week after their arrival. We post new photos at a week old, four to five weeks old and final photos again at around seven to eight weeks old. This waiting time should be spent preparing your house for the new arrival. Read lots of training material and get your house completely puppy proofed. The more prepared you are, the more you will enjoy the puppy experience. We also have a Puppy Guide which is password protected. You will be given this password after reserving a puppy from us. We do our best to provide as much knowledge as possible to our clients.
  8. Watch your puppy grow through the photos we post at one, five and eight weeks of age. We are very busy and we get requests continuously to come visit the dogs, puppies and us as the breeders. Recently numerous breeding kennels have been struggling with Parvovirus. Because of the high risk of very deadly viruses, we need to keep traffic into the kennel at an absolute minimum. We only allow clients to come see the puppies on the day of pick up. We will always post three sets of photos from the litter you reserve from. Photos will be posted at roughly 1 week, 5 weeks and 8 weeks of age. We will also schedule a Zoom call with our clients prior to you coming to pick up your puppy to go er the Puppy Guide in-depth and answer any questions you may have.
  9. Picking up your puppy. Puppy pick up day is always super exciting for everyone! It is also a thrilling experience for me as your breeder to see you leave with a puppy who will become a family friend and companion for years to come! Pick up day is typically on a Saturday and the litter needs to be at least eight weeks old. As covered in the Q&A page, we schedule clients to pick their puppy in the order of deposit the day they are ready for their new home. Each client is given approximately 30 minutes to pick their puppy before the next family will arrive to pick the next puppy reserved after you. You will have the final choice but we will help channel you in the proper direction as far as the colour, coat type and personality you are looking for in a puppy. If you are near the end of the list and you’re not interested in any of the remaining puppies or puppy, you could then wait for another future litter of your choice. After picking your puppy, we will then complete all the paperwork. I will go over all the puppy’s health records, health guarantee, microchip paperwork etc. We will then take the time to answer any further questions you have prior to leaving with your new bundle!
  10. Additional information if you need your puppy shipped. We ship puppies all over the world so distance should not deter you from submitting an Application for one of our puppies. We will still honor your picking position and allow you to choose your puppy in the sequence of deposits received. We can help you choose the puppy via phone conversation and the individual puppy photos we post of each litter at 7-8 weeks of age.Once your puppy choice has been made, we will then arrange a shipping date. Total costs for shipping and the puppy will be finalized and payment can be forwarded. We take care of booking the shipment and everything. All you will need to do is show up at the airport to receive the puppy at the time of arrival.