Alishia Lockett

Breeder, Trainer

Alishia Lockett started her journey as a dog breeder and trainer over ten years ago. 

She began her start in the canine industry as a local trainer for her neighborhood dogs and has since ventured into the show world of German shepherds, handling, showing and training the top German shepherds worldwide. Being in Europe over the past 6 years has allowed her to expand her knowledge on the in-depth world of dog training and breeding. Over the years, Alishia has owned numerous breeds from a Chihuahua to a Rottweiler, but she finds that her passion is in the working shepherds (Beligian Shepherd, German Shepherd). She has professionally trained a vast variety of dogs, from family pets to personal protection K9s. Coaching clients to be great handlers of their dogs is a subject she finds most interesting as it is fusion of human and animal interaction. 

Alishia has recently delved into the world of modern dog training and the NePoPo® system created by the grandfather of dog training, Bart Bellon and his wife Michael Bellon. NePoPo® is a training system where the behaviour of the dog is performed  with heart and soul. NePoPo® is a negative – positive – positive training system. She has since become a NePoPo® Gold School Graduate and plans on completing Gold in 2020. 

Alishia attended the University of Florida where she received her B.S. in Public Relations, with a Concentration in Business Administration. She has a passion for Photography, as well as Graphic Design. Alishia is also a proud member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, IACP. 

She currently lives in Bayern, Germany with her loving husband and son. Together they own and operate Haus Amberg Shepherds, LLC is a family owned and training program that caters to families, K9 Units, Sport, and personal protection to name a few.  She also has held private training and boarding sessions centered in obedience, tracking or protection work.

Alishia Lockett

NePoPo® Gold School Graduate
Breeder, Trainer, Owner at Haus Amberg Shepherds
USA +1 2562242249

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