Available Dogs and Puppies

Typially our list is a 4-6 months wait. Sometimes families have a change of plans and we have puppies available for adoption within a next few days. Our prices vary based on the age of the puppy or dog. Please contact us for detailed pricing. Our prices include shipping to your world-wide in climate controlled cargo or you can pickup locally (New Hampshire, USA and Amberg, Germany). We respond to all messages within 24 hours.

We Are Part of Your Family

Adding a German shepherd from Haus Amberg to your family is more than just getting a puppy.

  • We love to hear about our pups from beginning to end.

  • We give you the piece of mind by answering any questions and our lifelong support is there for you.

  • We walk you through all the ups and downs you come across when adding a furry friend to your home.