Are your dogs spayed/neutered?

No, our dogs are NOT spayed or neutered. We will not spay or neuter a male or female until at least the age of 2 after they are fully developed.

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Are your dogs good with other dogs?

Yes, all of our dogs run in a pack. It is a firm belief of ours that dogs will sort themselves in their own hierarchy. It is your responsibility to continue socialization throughout the entire dog’s life.

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Do your dogs hold titles?

Yes, All of our dogs MUST hold a minimum of IPO/IPG 1 as well as KKL in order to be considered for breeding.

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What health tests do you perform on your dogs?

All breeding males and females must have hips and elbows scanned as well as DNA tracing to ensure pure bloodlines, and full teeth examinations.

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What is your HD/ED standard?

The dog is guaranteed by Haus Amberg Shepherds, LLC to have an SV-rating of no less than Noch Zugelassen by 12 months of age (restrictions apply).

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What are SV pedigree papers?

SV Pink Papers or Pedigree Papers are similar to that of the AKC certificate. These papers hold all of your dog’s records such as breed book number, lineage, chip number, and/or any titles held by your dog. The difference between AKC and SV pink papers is that SV pink papers have your dog’s dental records

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What is an AKC Bescheingung?

Bescheinigung is German for “Certificate.” This simply means your dog is registered or has the ability to be registered with the AKC. Your AKC certificate will have the information used to track your dog in the AKC’s system such as breed book number, chip number, pedigree information, or any titles held by your dog.

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What is the AKC?

The AKC stands for American Kennel Club. This is comparable to the German SV or the UK’s Kennel Club. The AKC regulates the breed standards as well as competitions for all breeds in the United States.

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