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What is the SV?

The SV standards for The Verein für deutsche Schäferhunde. This is comparable to the American AKC or the UK’s Kennel Club. The SV regulates the breed standards as well as breeding, testing, and competitions for German Shepherds.

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How many dogs do you have?

We have several locations internationally (Germany and USA), so we have a good number of dogs. Currently we hold a total of about 10 breeding males and females located at our various kennel locations.

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Do you sell dogs without papers or discount dogs?

All dogs will come to you with either AKC or SV registration. We are able to give you an export pedigree to your chosen registration service should you require one (AKC, KC, etc.). Please contact us for further information as to how to acquire an export pedigree.  Discounted dogs are not a normal practice for

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What is the cost of your dogs and puppies?

Our dog’s pricing varies based on each dog’s age, titles, and star level. Please contact us directly for more pricing information.

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