Will their color change as they get older?

Yes, your dog’s color will develop as they grow older. Their tans may turn to a red or deep rusty color. Their black will deepen, and their patterns will be more visible.

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Can we name our dog?

Yes and No. Our litters have a designated letter assigned to them. Their official name will be predetermined before you arrange for their pick-up. This predetermined name will be what is on their SV Pink Papers. We use “call names.” Call names are names given to your dog that are not official, but what they

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Can we see pictures of the puppies?

Yes, we will take pictures of the puppies as they are closer to the time of pickup. Until then, we allow nature to take its course and leave mother and babies alone.

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Can we see the parents?

If the parents are on site, we may bring them out, but all information and pictures of the parents can be found on our website as well as on our facebook.

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How much is shipping? And what type of shipping is available (Cargo)?

Shipping is dependent on your chosen method. Cargo shipping will be more expensive as it is generally handled using a third-party company. Costs are determined by the third-party company. If you choose to pick-up your dog and fly back with them as checked baggage, you may be able to cut some costs.

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How much is delivery?

Delivery is determined by location. Our delivery pricing starts at 200 Euros.

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Do you only breed german shepherds?

No. We breed a special type of malinois as well, but these are generally not for sale to the general public.

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