There is a lot that goes into presenting your dog to the judges at a show.  Once your dog goes through proper conditioning and training, the dog must then show in the ring, and this is where our expert handlers come in.  After all the work a German shepherd must go through to prepare for a show, the most important part of a show is to make sure your dog is handled by a professional who has experience in the ring.

  • Convenient.Our handlers will are willing to travel to show your dog in its best light.
  • Knowledge. Each handler has the experience needed to handling your German shepherd for each aspect of the ring.
  • Experience. All of the handlers have worked and shown dogs in shows all around the world.
Mike Büttgenbach
Mike BüttgenbachHandler, Germany
Mike has been handling in the top shows for several years. He has shown world-class German shepherds for many known kennels, including Huhnegrab.
Anna Maier
Anna MaierHandler, Germany
Anna is well-known in the German shepherd community for her expertise in showing dogs in the ring. She has shown top shepherds in shows all over Europe.
Niko Büttgenbach
Niko BüttgenbachHandler, Germany