Our Valuable Team Members

Patrick Lockett
Patrick LockettOwner & Trainer
Patrick has worked with the German shepherd dog for over 15 years, starting with his grandfather in Amberg, Germany. He currently is the helper for OG Neumarkt u. Umgebung dog training facility in Bayern, Germany. “I love it because of days like today. We see people come to us with zero experience with dogs, and then they come back after one of our classes. And then they continue to come back, and continue to come back… and a year later, I see a German shepherd that has grown into an amazing product, an amazing dog.” Patrick Lockett is a NePoPo® Gold School Graduate and believes in the training methodologies set forth by the program.
Alishia Lockett
Alishia LockettOwner & Trainer
Alishia has worked with dogs for the past 10 years in obedience training and excels in raising puppies with high drive and socialization. “Working with the German shepherd is one of the most rewarding experiences. It’s a journey from start to finish as a breeder. You are there at the time of mating, for the female’s prenatal care, the birth, and then raising the pups. It’s a full circle, and you are there for the whole thing!”
Domink Jäger
Domink JägerTeam Member
Dominik found his love for IGP and dog training with his dog, Anton. Through his training, he has found that patience and determination are key when working with animals. “Each dog is different, and you must take that into account when looking at a dog or puppy.”
Tanja Beer
Tanja BeerTeam Member
Tanja puts her heart and soul into her work. The puppies she raises always are full of love and drive. The sound temperament, health and character are all key aspects of a successful litter, and she never falls short.
Josef Beer
Josef BeerTeam Member
Josef has been breeding German shepherds for the past 25 years. His knowledge of the breed is priceless and can only be gained through hands on experience. To properly raise a puppy, boundaries and rules must be in place, and Josef has found the right balance to succeed in his passion.
Dominic Götz
Dominic GötzTeam Member
Dominic is focused and goal orientated. He trains with precision and applies his many years of training knowledge to build a dog to succeed. He has a passion for IGP and an understanding of the importance of perseverance in dog training, both key aspects required to be an industry leader.
 Marquesa Cook-Whearty
Marquesa Cook-Whearty Breeder, Escondido, California
Marquesa bought her first GSD when she was in her early twenties, while she was training show horses. Linus, her husband, and Marquesa traveled the country together and after that she was hooked. She has owned German shepherds for the last 16 years. The combination of great temperament, loyalty, and protective nature make them the perfect dog for her family.
Chris and Jen Smith
Chris and Jen SmithBreeders, Gloucester, Virginia
Chris and Jen are breeders at our Virginia kennel. They began their journey as breeders training and breeding with us directly in Germany and carried their passion for the breed with them back to the US. Both their perfectionism and devotion to their shepherds is clear in the quality of their puppies.
Samantha Bennett
Samantha BennettBreeder, New Hampshire
As a past veterinary technician, Samantha has always enjoyed working with animals. It wasn’t until she met her wife when she realized just how much she loved German shepherds and how eager she was to learning all about what goes into breeding and training shepherds.
Elena Bennett
Elena BennettBreeder, New Hampshire
As a past veterinary technician and current animal control officer and dog trainer, animals have always been Elena’s passion. German shepherds, in particular, have always sparked her interest, and she looks forward to broadening her knowledge on the breed.
Gabi Ray
Gabi RayAdministrative Assistant
Gabi spent five years grooming dogs and six years managing a business in North Carolina. She has fostered dogs and worked with horses throughout the years prior to moving to Germany. She initially came to Haus Amberg for training but stayed for the atmosphere and ability to incorporate two things she enjoys simultaneously, business and animals.
Gabby Huffer
Gabby HufferKennel and Admin Assistant
Gabby first discovered her love of shepherds by adding a young puppy to her family a couple of years ago. She found her passion once she became involved in the training of her own puppy in obedience, and since then, her interest continues to grow. Her hardwork and dedication shows in her work as she does everything with heart and soul.

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