About Us

The Finest Ingredients

As German shepherd breeders for the past 40 years, Haus Amberg Shepherds believe that a top-quality dog food is of the utmost importance for a dog. A dog’s diet is the foundation for the lifetime of your dog. 

Dogs are omnivores, so have the ability to digest both meat and vegetables. Therefore they need a balanced diet of proteins, fats, fiber, minerals and vitamins. 

A dog’s diet affects muscle tone, body condition, skin and coat health, digestion, elimination, and immune health.


All Natural

Our food was developed with the health and nutrition of your dog at the forefront of the process. 

We source our ingredients from only top quality suppliers. Natural Canine is a cold pressed kibble with no artificial preservatives or additives. 

The Cold Pressed Process

Vitamins Preserved

When food is prepared with heat, the nutrients and taste are damaged. Cooking at a low temperature preserves vitamins in the food. When meat, fish and other proteins are heated to high temperatures it changes the structure of the protein, making it less nutritious for your dog and also harder for them to digest.

No Preservatives or Additives

Gluten Free

Cold Pressed Kibble