NePoPo® New Gold School: Florida

Apply your NePoPo® knowledge at our 5-day New Gold School in Florida!

What you can expect:
Discipline – Focused – Top Level
– Bitework: French Ring | Belgian Ring | KNVP | IGP | Military/ Police K9
– Scent Work: Man trailing, drug, explosives, IGP tracking.
– Obedience: High Level IGP, Free Style and Tactical
Learn from the pros.
Living the NePoPo®️ lifestyle since 2018.
Over 15 years of combined experience in the system.
NePoPo(R) is a registered trademark from Michael and Bart Bellon, it is used with their permission.


Patrick Lockett

NePoPo Gold 2018, Gold PREMIUM 2019
IGP competitor(Germany), Special Forces K9 trainer Rwanda Africa, 20 Year US Army Recon, Current Law Enforcement Officer.

Piotr Kaczmarek

NePoPo Gold 2018
Special Forces K9s for British and Polish Military, search and recuse, Military K9s for in the USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.

Cost of the Program


A fifty-percent deposit is due to secure your spot.

  • Lunch Provided
  • Price includes five days of NePoPo® learning.

Dates for the next School are 19 April – 23 April 2024