NePoPo and Bart Bellon

The crowd stuck it out through blazing temperatures to learn all about the NePoPo® training system. Dog enthusiasts attended the seminar, hosted by Haus Amberg Shepherds, to learn training techniques taught by NePoPo® Certified Gold Trainer, Patrick Lockett in Bayern Germany on 20 July 2019. From pet owners, hobby breeders and professional trainers, the crowd came together all in the spirit of learning. This exclusive event was the first NePoPo® seminar hosted in Germany by a Gold School graduate.

The NePoPo® training system was created by Bart Bellon and his wife, Michael Bellon. With this method, the dog harnesses reward through his own seeking behaviors. The result is a dog who gives his heart and soul and an owner who is engaged and fulfilled.

The international group gathered at 0900 on a Saturday morning, notebooks in hand, to explore the complex world of dog training and take advantage of this rare opportunity. The subjects of Shaping, Dopamine and Click-Release are some of the fundamental concepts that were thoroughly explained before moving on the Mysteries Behind the Box, a crucial aspect grounding the NePoPo® training system.

The scent detection, personal protection and grip development segments appealed to the military attendees. “I want a well-rounded dog that can work in a variety of fields and scenarios, and I learned today how to work my dog the correct way. Patrick did a great job exposing my weaknesses and showed me the true potential of my shepherd,” said John Dutton, a soldier in the U.S. Army and owner of a German shepherd.

Attendees were able to participate in hands-on activities, building an understanding of the world-renowned training techniques surrounding NePoPo®. Patrick guided each topic with seamless demonstration and clarity with his personal dogs. “I wanted to hold a seminar so that I can share my knowledge and help the average pet owner with little issues they are having with their dogs, no matter the breed. Every dog is trainable with the NePoPo® system in one way or another and can perform with heart and soul,” said Patrick. “I give all the credit of my success in NePoPo® to my master coaches Bart and Michael Bellon and my amazing classmates who still help me daily in becoming a subject matter expert.

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Photography by Alishia Lockett, Haus Amberg Shepherds.


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