It’s a wrap! What a great time in Poland.

From 9 June – 12 June 2022, professional dog trainers and NePoPo® enthusiasts gathered under the Poland sun for an intense three-day seminar. The seminar was organized by Patrick Lockett, a NePoPo® Premium Graduate and Alishia Lockett, a NePoPo® Gold Graduate, along with the EU Committee, IACP.

NePoPo® is a brand name and training system that was developed by Michael and Bart Bellon. NePoPo® stands for negative, positive, positive. It means that the dog first receives a negative stimulus, followed by two positive stimuli. This training method makes communication between the dog and its owner more effective and pleasant.

The NePoPo® system gives dogs the idea that they can influence their environment. Under this method, a dog is enterprising, innovative and a passionate partner. They carry out their tasks with heart and soul.

Instructor Piotr Kaczmarek, a Gold Graduate of the NePoPo® school, along with his team, and father, Włodzimierz Kaczmarek, captured the over fifty attendees while demonstrating various methods to create ignition in dog training.

“My Passion from childhood has always been to be a dog trainer and together with my father I’ve had the opportunity to be a trainer for the special forces . That was always our goal. I am very proud to be in the industry and can do what I love to do,” said Piotr.

This event was sponsored by the International Association of Canine Professionals, IACP.

Photos by Working Dogs Photography Poland and Alishia Lockett

NePoPo® In Action by Working Dogs Photography Poland

Photos from the Event