Volvo vom Amberger Haus

Haus Amberg Shepherds aims to provide our clients with top of the line German shepherds puppies and adults.  Argos (Volvo vom Amberger Haus) comes with: Pedigree Papers, Up-to-date vaccinations, Health Guarantee, and Microchip.

Argos (Volvo vom Amberger Haus) is trained in advanced obedience. This includes on and off leash obedience (Heel, sit, down, place, recall). His color is a rich and deep red and black.

He is a young male at 10 months old. Argos was born in Germany in January 2023 and has pink SV Pedigree paperwork. He has a calm demeanor and is great with other dogs and children.

Parents: Onyx and Dana

  • Pink SV Pedigree Papers

  • Male

  • Birthdate: 14 Jan 2023