SOLD: Lexx and Lilly (SV, Located in Germany)2019-04-02T07:46:57+00:00
SOLD: Curtis Veracruz (SZ 2343781)2019-02-20T12:01:36+00:00
SOLD: Female Puppy, Ulma (Located in Germany)2019-01-06T14:51:55+00:00
Litter Reserved: Indro and Anja (Located in Germany, SV)2019-04-04T13:21:46+00:00
SOLD: Mars and Dana (Located in Germany, SV)2019-04-02T07:47:26+00:00
SOLD: Rasmus vom Grafenwald, SZ 2347403, Located in Germany2018-12-01T10:50:37+00:00
SOLD: Quax and Bella (Located in Virginia) (AKC)2019-04-11T13:23:05+00:00
SOLD: Lexx and Nadja (Located in Germany)2018-11-14T10:39:08+00:00
Litter Reserved: Larry and Finja (Located in Germany)2019-02-13T13:29:00+00:00
SOLD: Queen and Quino, Located in Germany (SV)2018-11-14T10:39:09+00:00


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