Gorilla Max is the most advanced K9 Muscle Building Supplement in the world.

Bully Max released a revolutionary dog protein supplement, “Gorilla Max”. With 20 grams of quality protein per scoop and all of the muscle building ingredients your dog needs. Gorilla Max is veterinarian designed to achieve maximum growth, build lean muscle mass, and achieve optimum health.

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You will find the benefits your dog will get are outstanding. There is simply no other supplement that can take your pet to a greater health and fitness level. Our new Gorilla Max dog supplement is really what your dog needs to reach their fullest potential in size, muscle, and health. For best results, use with Bully Max.

Gorilla Max’s protein packed formula guarantees your dogs will get the nutrients they need to achieve real results.

Your Dog’s Muscles are Largely Composed of Protein. Like other cells in your dog’s body, their muscles are composed of approximately two-thirds of water. After that, the next most plentiful component in their muscle cells is protein. Protein makes up about 20 percent of your dog’s muscle cell composition. Therefore, your dog will need to have a constant supply of protein in their body in order to continue to build and develop these cells. Without protein in their diet, they will have a very difficult time sustaining the cells that they do have and will certainly not be able create any type muscle growth. This is on reason your dog can benefit from Gorilla Max’s protein supplement for dogs.