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  • Manufacturer
  • SSC
  • CHARGING SYSTEM: No – CR2 battery, Wireless charging collar
  • Contact Measurement
  • Chameleon Size: Medium (dog neck circumference 28cm to 40cm)
  • Range: Up to 3000m
  • Stimulation Mode




  • Latest Technology in Design and Functionality
  • Discreet Design
  • Highest Technology available in collar and transmitter
  • Suitable for Neck sizes medium to large (Size : 263 mm + elastic )
  • Complete set with most versatile 2 dog transmitter

The Chameleon® III collar receiver is invented for comfort, durability, the highest degree of technology, and to be invisible. This is a remote training collar that can be used as vibration only, tone only, LED only, stimulation only, or any combination of the aforementioned.

Special features of Chameleon® III Set


1. Contact method (Martin System® exclusive patent)


After switching on, for 2 minutes the collar will show you whether the collar has contact with the skin of the dog or not. This is an Animal Welfare feature that makes it impossible to overstimulate your dog due to no contact.


2. The Consistent Reliable Stimulation (SSC) feature (Martin System® exclusive patent)


This is an Animal Welfare feature that makes it impossible to accidentally overstimulate your dog due to uncontrollable environmental changes in resistance on the skin of the dog (e.g. wet skin).


3. The Chameleon® patent is a mechanical patent where contact points can be moved on different islands and on different spots on the islands.  This is an Animal Welfare feature that diminishes the possibility of necrosis (due to being able to move the contact points). By changing the number of contact points, you can minimalize or maximize the sensation of the same output level.


4. The Chameleon® patent is a mechanical patent where contact points are at the sides of the neck and not hanging on a brick where gravity always pulls it to the lowest spot. The space between the islands lets the fur go through which allows the collar to have a more comfortable fit. This is an Animal Welfare feature that makes the Chameleon® more comfortable.


5. Special contact feathers have been designed to give better contact for certain types of dogs.


6. The Chameleon® collar is discreet when you are out in public.


7. With USB stick Emily, you can change parameters and modes from the collar to a level that is appropriate for your client.


8. With the Chameleon®, you can pair up to 4 different independent transmitters (4 ID codes possible) from the Martin System® brand. Transmitters can be unpaired if needed



9. The New High Tension (NHT) patent (Martin System® exclusive patent)

This is a patented transformer that allows a tiny collar and allows that tiny collar to have an extremely long standby battery life (5 to 7 days of standby 24 hours per day with a fresh battery) with one charging that is a maximum of two hours.



10. Two-year full warranty


In connection with the sale of batteries or with the delivery of equipment containing rechargeable batteries, we are obliged to advise you to responsibly dispose of used batteries. The symbols shown on the batteries have the following meanings :

  • The symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin means that the battery should not be disposed of with household garbage
  • Pb = Battery contains more than 0.004 percent lead
  • Cd = Battery contains more than 0.002 percent cadmium
  • Hg = battery contains more than 0.0005 percent mercury


Variation ID                       set_cham3_large_TT4FK

Manufacturer                     Martin System®

Manufacturing country      Belgium

Content                             1 piece

Weight                               1000 g






The Professional Trainer 3000 (PT3000)


The PT3000 transmitter has a range of 3000 meters in optimal conditions (for example, in open fields). Trees, buildings, corn and wheat fields reduce the range. The transmitter has 18 stimulation levels and 8 program modes (see specifications). The PT3000 allows you to work with 2 dogs on the same transmitter because the transmitter has two frequencies (extra collar receiver optional).You have 2 stimulation buttons for each dog (each frequency). This allows you the option to work with 2 different frequencies for one dog if desired. The transmitter automatically remembers the last chosen stimulation level for each button.



18 stimulation levels

LCD display

Uses CR2 3 Volt battery

Dimensions: 160x55x24mm

Weight: 92g

Water resistant

Compatible with the MICRO Collar Receiver, TT Collar Receiver & Chameleon®

8 programs:

Only tone (level 0)

Stimulation with tone

Stimulation without tone

Flash stimulation (1/4 second) with tone

Flash stimulation (1/4 second) without tone

Rising stimulation with tone and

Rising stimulation without tone and

Warning tone (1second) followed by stimulation with tone

Compatible with the Finger-Kick


Finger Kick:

The patented Finger Kick is paired with your Martin System remote control and allows you to wirelessly trigger the remote’s stim button in a hands-free fashion.

  • Thanks to the hands-Free “Finger Kick” you can go about your daily business while maintaining immediate control of your pet
  • Operates within a radius of up to 25 m of the transmitter.

The Finger Kick is compatible with the following Martin System remote controls:

  • Remote Control TT 1000 SSC (possibility of using up to 2 Finger Kicks)
  • Remote Control PT 3000 SSC (possibility of using up to 4 Finger Kicks)
  • Remote Control Beagle Master SSC (possibility of using up to 4 Finger Kicks)
  • Remote Control TT4FK (possibility of using 1 Finger Kick)
  • Remote Control CTT® (possibility of using up to 4 Finger Kicks)
  • Remote Control CTT® Sport (possibility of using up to 2 Finger Kicks + 1 Alert Finger Kick)



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