A new protection sleeve designed specifically to give the canine a natural feel and the decoy extra protection. We have constructed the DOG ARMOUR PRO SLEEVE 2.0 to withstand the pressure of the hardest bites. It is made with the latest generation of textile fibers to allow for an anti-penetration quality. It is also lightweight and breathable. As professionals in the canine industry for the last forty years, we understand the importance of the safety aspect when handling dogs of all types.

The DOG ARMOUR PRO SLEEVE 2.0 is recommended for use under a bite suit. It can be used for police and security, Mondioring, french ring, IGP, animal control officers, veterinarians, K9 handlers, and other canine professionals.

The inner lining of the sleeve is made with a soft fabric to provide comfort for the decoy, as well as aid in distributing the pressure exerted by the jaw of the dog. The outer lining is designed with the latest technology in fiber design. It is composed of a series of high-tenacity technical fibers.
Extensive testing has been performed to ensure the dissipation of the dog’s bite.


  • Extended velcro closures for secure fastening
  • Latest generation fibers to help dissipate the pressure from the dog’s bite. This feature allows the sleeve to be used for civil training and under a suit.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Nanotechnology. The fabric is made with nanoparticles which allows for the improvement of fabric properties without a significant increase in weight, thickness, or stiffness.
  • Anti-bite and anti-penetration fabric, minimizing pain and bruising.
  • Breathable construction which eliminates sweating of the arms.
  • Flexible. The arm’s mobility is not hindered.
  • Extensive testing by the top canine professionals in the industry.
  • Made in Europe.