These are unisex sizes – please do not assume a women’s cut. IQ Magnet Bag can be purchased separately.
Product information “IQ Dogsport Vest 3.0”

The IQ dogsport vest is our bestseller for many reasons! Even the K9 handlers of the German police wear a special version of it. Version3.0 has two updates:  1. it already comes with a stringcord system for the chest pocket (you no longer need to purchase this separately) and 2. it is the first vest compatible with our new IQ Magnet Bag! Why is our vest a must for dogsports?

Big Front and Back Pockets

It has exactly the pockets that you need: The pockets for treats are very large, while the back pocket offers enough space for your leashes and toys.

Convertible Chest Pocket (patented)

The vest comes with two conventional chest pockets (left and right). Combine them to one large pocket in the center of your body to reward your dog for a front sit or retrieve. If your dog learns that the reward comes from the center of your body, it will wait for it in a perfect focused position rather than looking or bending left and right.

String Cords for Chest Pocket

Increase your dog’s focus even more, by using our stringcords to open the chest pocket. Simply pull the string cords at your hips (not leaving your basic position) and the toy will drop down for your dog to catch. This will make for a higher expectation and expression: a lot of dogs enjoy the excitement that comes with a spontaneously dropping toy.