Rubber Leash without Handle, Long 1M

$ 17.00

Single dog leash with a handle made of rubberized tape, intended mainly for leading dogs during patrol tasks . Made by hand from a special rubberized tape that does not slip in the hand and thus guarantees a secure grip of the guide.

It comes in four sizes:

  •  length 150 cm, width 2.0 cm


  • Rubberised band steel BGB carabiner (Swedish hook – very strong and impact resistant), colour: black.
  • Does not slip in the hand. Connected elements sewn with very strong threads.
  • Extremely durable sewing connection reinforced with leather patches.
  • Purpose dog lead large, strong dogs train training, patrols and combat missions, let a dog run
  • Can be used in ordinary everyday situations when it comes to a large, strong dog like the German Shepherd.
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