Marlee Kay
Marlee KayHappy Client
I wish I could rate Haus Amberg Shepherds 10 stars! My babygirl, Maliyah (now 9mos) is the perfect dog. She is beautiful, loving, confident, level headed and has such a great temperament. My little ones stick their hands in her mouth, her food bowl, lay on top of her, you name it, and she lets them. She is such a sweetheart. She sat outside and watched fireworks with us and didn’t flinch. She isn’t fazed by loud noises, sleeps while I trim her nails, loves baths and is so incredibly smart.
Patrick & Alishia and their crew are so knowledgeable about the breed and provide so many useful tips and pointers for training. Our family is so lucky to have found them and we can’t wait to get our next family member from them!

– Marlee Kay

Corryna Gumabon
Corryna GumabonHappy Client
Patrick and Alishia gave us a great experience and puppy. Very knowledgeable about their dogs and very helpful/responsive when it comes to any questions you may have. Very welcoming when we went to pick up our pup. They care about the future of their dogs and want to know the well-being. Pups come with all valid papers. Overall extremely happy with our experience and completely in love with our girl.
Scotty Burch
Scotty BurchHappy Client
It is rare that I leave a review on any establishment, much less 5 stars. I went into this process extremely blind and very nervous. I can say that every question I had was answered on the spot, ever concern I had about a new dog and my 3 kids was squashed immediately by showing me the dogs behavior in person around my kids. I would recommend this breeder to any and all friends looking for there next life long companion. DO NOT be afraid to ask them any question.

– Scotty Burch

Tanner Cruz
Tanner CruzHappy Client
I have purchased two pups from Alishia and Patrick and the process was so easy! My pups came microchiped and with a puppy passport and a starter bag of dog food for each! They’re healthy and very active. Alishia did one more thorough check of them before we left to make sure everything looked good on the pups. They were amazing about answering the 1000 questions we had, even after bringing them home. I am EXTREMELY happy about getting my fur babies through Haus Amber Shepherds and I 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy! THANK YOU PATRICK AND ALISHIA & EVERYONE AT HAUS AMBERG SHEPHERDS.

– Tanner Cruz

Raeven Lee
Raeven LeeHappy Client
Fantastic breeders, and very genuine people to work with. They make you feel as if you’re their only client through the entire process. It’s very obvious that they are passionate with what they do, and care about all of the pups and where they go. They are definitely out there to make the breed better, and that’s what a top notch breeders goal should be. I would recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a quality German Shepherd, supporting an excellent facility.

– Raeven Lee

Danielle Lovato
Danielle LovatoHappy Client
Got our new addition today, and he is just the sweetest. Our kids are in love, and so are we. We would highly recommend Haus Amberg Shepherds. They made the process simple and had no problem answering my many questions. Thank you so much for helping us find our pup!

– Danielle Lovato

Brittany Cuzzo
Brittany CuzzoHappy Client
4 weeks ago my husband and I picked up our sweet Shadow. My husband and I being new dog parents we had lots of questions and the owner was happy to answer them. He was super helpful! the process was easy and our puppy is so incredibly sweet. I highly recommend this place!!!

– Brittany Cuzzo

Daniel Diaz
Daniel DiazHappy Client
It’s been 2 days now that we got our long-coat male puppy from them the whole process they made it so simple they always kept updates as to when the puppy would be ready they where great people to work with deffintley are very knowledgeable also just great people in general when we first got the puppy he was very shy and scared but as soon as we got the puppy home he changed in character was running everywhere following us very intelligent puppy we haven’t had a accident in the house it’s like the puppy knows he has to go outside all in all the haus Amberg shepherds is amazing and would recommend them to any one and everyone who is looking for a GSD.

– Daniel Diaz

Davy Knine
Davy KnineHappy Client
I am very happy with my puppy. cheerful young dog with many possibilities. I look forward to training with him. Big thanks to Patrick!

– Davy Knine

Tyler Ashleigh
Tyler AshleighHappy Client
We’ve welcomed Finja into our home this past weekend thanks to Haus of Amberg Shepherds. They were very helpful, friendly and we would highly recommend them to anyone we know wanting a pup.
She is adjusting well, her training is amazing and is the perfect fit for our family. Our 3 year old shepherd mix is enjoying his new sister and they enjoy playing out in the yard together. We look forward to lots of play and fun with her. Thank you again.

– Tyler Ashleigh

Misa Lopez
Misa LopezHappy Client
Working with Haus Amberg Shepherds was a very pleasant experience. We had a specific time frame and they kept in contact with us throughout the process with them. They are quick to respond to any questions and Sgt has become a great addition to our family he has a great temperament and is great with our kids.

– Misa Lopez

Sara Duszynski
Sara DuszynskiHappy Client
They are very helpful and have great advice if it is your first dog. My puppy is healthy as they said he was. We have not had any problems with the process of picking the dog that we wanted. Overall great breeders and are willing to work with you so you can get a puppy that you want!

– Sara Duszynski

Matthew Vader
Matthew VaderHappy Client
I adopted Palli from Haus Amberg Shepherds. She is a year old GSD that is absolutely beautiful. For the month that I have had her, she has been a great dog. A great balance of energy and calmness with this dog. Well behaved and loves to get out and play fetch, swim and do any other activity.

– Matthew Vader

chris Billings
chris BillingsHappy Client
Outstanding service from beginning to end! I’ll recommend Haus Amburg to anyone that will listen! Absolutely a pleasure working with Mr. Patrick and his team!

– Chris Billings

Radames Hernandez Sanchez
Radames Hernandez SanchezHappy Client
Today was a great day, my family have a new puppy member and all thanks to Mr. and Mrs Locket and the Haus Amber Sheppard. Since day one they have bean professional with the process and with any questions we got. I highly recommend them and I I’m looking forward for the training and keep doing business with them.

– Radames Hernandez Sanchez

Kyle Finley
Kyle FinleyHappy Client
We picked up Slick the other day and we were incredibly satisfied with the entire process. Haus Amberg answered our every question throughout, and we were never left with a lack in confidence and trust in their program.
100% recommend and we could not be happier with our new best friend!

– Kyle Finley

Raina Pringle
Raina PringleHappy Client
I love my experience with Haus Amberg Shepherds! We brought soldier home in December and he is such an awesome dog. Patrick is very helpful and they always respond on FB to all my questions even after we brought soldier home. I would definitely recommend!

– Raina Pringle

Dillan Touchet
Dillan TouchetHappy Client
Definitely recommend Haus Amberg if you are looking for a German shepherd, they were very helpful in getting us a dog that would be a good fit with our family. We now have a beautiful big boy who is a perfect fit for us and we are already in love with our new family member.

– Dillan Touchet

Daniel Guerrieri
Daniel GuerrieriHappy Client
We rescued a 6yr old shepherd from China, who had severe issues: dog aggression, bad leash skills, and very manipulative. It put a lot of strain on my wife and I. Thankfully, we found Haus Amberg, and they took Sandy in for a few months. We now have a brand new dog! They work with us to make sure we can maintain her training. Thanks Haus Amberg!

– Daniel Guerrieri

Deon McBride
Deon McBrideHappy Client
I highly recommend Haus Amberg Shepherds. My family and I purchased our new addition to the family and are very happy with the results. I look forward in doing business with this company again in the near future.

– Deon McBride

Julie Hinojosa
Julie HinojosaHappy Client
Highly recommend Haus Amberg Shepherds! My husband and I are first time dog owners and loving every second of it with our puppy Oakley! Very good customer service, responded fast to every question we had! Our Oakley is a very smart, sweet and fast learning pup! Can’t wait to see our little guy grow up! Thank you for this amazing opportunity, and giving me the title of a dog mom!

– Julie Hinojosa

Alicia Wagner
Alicia WagnerHappy Client
I recommend Haus Amberg Shepherds to anyone looking for a well bred, healthy, smart and great looking pup!
Patrick and Alishia were helpful in making sure we got the right dog for our household, they answered every question and made the process super easy.
Our pup, Rook, is exactly what we wanted in a puppy from temperament to coloring and we can’t thank Patrick and Alishia enough for taking great care of us and Rook.

– Alicia Wagner

Brian Costa
Brian CostaHappy Client
We had a great experience with Patrick and Alishia. We picked up our 8 week old puppy and he is wondAbsolutely amazing experience! We’re very pleased with our new puppy and highly recommend Haus Amberg Shepards! Our little guy is beautiful, smart and very well tempered. We couldn’t be more happy with the communication and information about becoming a Malinois family. Thank you to the team. Our family is very happy with our boy Major!

– Brian Costa

Corinne Petty
Corinne PettyHappy Client
We had a great experience with Patrick and Alishia. We picked up our 8 week old puppy and he is wonderful! Beautiful, happy, playful, smart! He makes a great addition to our family! Thank you!

– Corinne Petty

Talia Gifford
Talia GiffordHappy Client
I recommend Haus Amberg because both the owners and the dogs are best-in-the-world. Patrick and Alishia have impeccable integrity and pour devotion into their dogs, which manifests in the dogs’ health, good nature, and intelligence (not to mention how gorgeous they are!). First a few comments about working with Patrick and Alishia, and then I’ll tell you about my new German Shepherd Rambo.
Patrick and Alishia are a pleasure to work with. While they strive to make life as easy as possible for the client and are incredibly accommodating, they are also straight shooters and won’t try to sell you a dog that isn’t right for your home. I was able to visit their facility in Germany, and their hospitality was unparalleled; I was welcomed as if family.
Their facility is spotless. The grass was mown and had no poop on it, and tools (leashes, agility objects, etc) were kept in pristine condition.
Patrick and Alishia are very responsive and answered all of my (very many) questions, continuing to do so even after Rambo arrived at my house.
Rambo is a joy to be with. The Ne-Po-Po training system taught him to think actively; he learns easily and is a delight. Rambo loves to cuddle but can quickly switch to high working drive. He has zero aggression toward bikes, people in wheelchairs, etc and is not afraid of thunder. I am so lucky to have him in my life.
If you’re looking for a great dog, give these guys a call. Cannot recommend highly enough.

-Talia Gifford

Joshua Torres
Joshua TorresHappy Client
I recommend Haus Amberg shepherds they treat there dogs with the rust importance. They were so helpful with our new dog Kratos. Can’t wait to do more work with them later on when he gets older.

-Joshua Torres

Ariel Earl
Ariel EarlHappy Client
This is a late recommendation, but finding them was the best decision ever. We kinda got our puppy on impulse, so when we had questions they were always happy to help and gave us the best guidance. Our dog is wonderful and came with everything discussed. It was such a fun experience going out to their big home and seeing all the dogs & puppies. They really do take care of their shepherds. We even went through the obedience training and that was such a testing time for me! But Patrick and Alicia were extremely patient and calm and good with their directions. If i could, I’d work for them. I love them and my dog Duke!

-Ariel Earl

Muh Ology
Muh OlogyHappy Client
Very Great people.. they were very professional throughout everything and made the entire process easy. Patrick is the best!

-Muh OLogy

Jessie and Tony Kronich
Jessie and Tony KronichHappy Client
We went to Patrick and Alisha for help with our first Dog we bought in the U.S. We spent two wonderful days with them watching and training. When we saw their pups we fell in love and had to take one home. We both come from dog loving families and have always been surrounded by dogs of all kinds. Our newest addition, Dom, is the most well behaved 8 week old puppy either of us have ever encountered. He is absolutely beautiful and the perfect mix of calm and energetic. You can tell he was brought up right and well socialized as he works great with our 2 year old shepherd. The best part about working with Haus Amberg Shepherds is how much they care about their puppies. They make sure that the puppies go to the right home and are well taken care of. We are looking forward to training both of our dogs with them! Thank you for our perfect little guy.

-Jessie and Tony Kronich

Bubba Holifield
Bubba HolifieldBreeder, Client
Patrick and Alishia made importing our two girls quick, simple and painless! They helped me, for six months, find the pup my family! I was so impressed that I ended up with two girls! Thank you for helping Holifield Kennels improve the quality of my German Shepherds!

-Bubba Holifield

Katrina Thompson
Katrina ThompsonClient
Alishia and Patrick are the best at what they do!!!! I cannot say enough good things about their knowledge and patience! This is my first time getting a puppy overseas and they have stayed in contact with me constantly over a period of 5-6 months and were dedicated to helping me find the right pup to fit my needs! The whole process was made so easy and stress free, as simple as picking her up from the airport, they make it THAT stress free. I recommend them to anybody and everyone who asks! The puppy I received was beyond my expectations, she was everything i was promised and more! I have not only gained a new member to my family, but have also gained 2 very good friends in the process and I am very blessed for that. Thank you Patrick and Alishia, I can never repay you enough for everything you have done!

-Love Katrina and Xsara!

Our Clients and Their Dogs

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Milloy Family
Milloy Family
I just want to say a “BIG” Thank you to Patrick & Alicia for seating down, giving us knowledge about German Shepherds and answered all our questions. In addition, this couples spent some time with us, so we can have the best puppy for our home. He is such a wonderful puppy kiki emoticon wink emoticon my kids were very happy and excited to have chase with us. Our family enjoys spending time and playing with him.I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to bring a new puppy home! They’re very helpful & “PROFESSIONALS” we couldn’t be more happier with our new puppy.

Thank You,
Milloy Family

Annie Kiefer
Annie Kiefer
These guys have made our family complete. They were professional, kind, and extremely helpful. I will recommend these wonderful people to everyone. I’m in love with our new pup and he fits right in so far. Thank you so much !!!

-Annie Kiefer

 Angelica Landrieu
Angelica Landrieu
They are the most professional and helpful breeders we have encountered here in Germany! They made sure to help us with every decision to pick out the best German Shepherd Puppy for us and now we are amazed and love the puppy they had picked for us. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for top of the line German Shepherds and great breeders with lots of knowledge and love for the breed! We are definitely looking forward to training our pup, Samson, with them!

– Angelica Landrieu

Amber Ertel
Amber Ertel
Alishia and Patrick were the most professional and honest breeders i’ve ever worked with. They really took the time to get to know me and match me with the right dog. I can’t say enough awesome things about them. My boy Domingo showed up happy, clean and ready to love me and my family. He’s a great dog who’s had a lot of quality training. They really take pride in the dogs they own and sell and it shows! I am already a repeat customer and i’m sure that I will be for years to come smile emoticon Thank you so much for everything!!

– Amber Ertel

Michelle Oliver
Michelle Oliver
We have had such a great experience with Haus Amberg Shepherds. We recently got a puppy from them and they have been WONDERFUL thru the entire process. Patrick and Alishia really care about what they do. They are always there to answer your questions or for if you need advice. They are true experts and professionals. They go above and beyond. We are so happy with our new puppy. We definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a German Shepherd. We will definitely be back when it’s time for the next German Shepherd and for future training as well. Thanks again Patrick and Alishia.

– Michelle Oliver

Jolien Knapen
Jolien Knapen
We’ve had a great experience purchasing our puppy from Haus Amberg Shepherds.
He is a very loveable, sweet, healthy puppy, and we are so glad we went on Haus Amberg Shepherds and found him.
Patrick and Alishia are amazing breeders. They know everything about their dogs and help you with all their heart choosing the wright puppy that perfectly match with your desire.
I would certainly recommend them to others. So without any doubt, they deserve definitely 5 stars! Greetings from Belgium.

– Jolien Knapen

Raymond Franklin
Raymond FranklinBreeder and Client
I have been a breeder before for over 20 years of Pitbulls and thought I knew it all. Haus Amberg Sheperds owners have taught me a few things while we were stationed together at Fort Riley, KS. I see nothing but well behaved dogs and great looking, as well. If you buy a pup from them, you will be receiving a excellent specimen. I know the future is high for these guys.

– Raymond Franklin

Brenda Peek
Brenda Peek
Top notch! Professional breeders and wonderful to deal with. They really are that good! GREAT!! The proof is in the pudding! !! They produce beautiful, awesome tempered dogs. I will be a repeat offender!

-Brenda Peek

Lori Valenti
Lori ValentiClient
We are so happy with our German Shepherd puppy from Haus Amberg Shepherds! Patrick and Alishia are AMAZING to work with. They are very professional and knowledgeable. They answered all of our questions thoroughly and always got back to us quickly whenever we sent them messages. You can tell that they love their dogs, as well as what they do. We highly recommend Haus Amberg Shepherds to anyone who is looking for a GSD with a great bloodline and temperament.

– Lori Valenti

Madison Bankston
Madison BankstonBreeder and Client
Awesome people with hearts of gold and always care about their dogs and clients. In love with my girl and can’t wait for another one coming soon! Thanks Patrick and Alishia!

-Madison Bankston

Susan Brillinger
Susan BrillingerClient
I have imported a few dogs from Haus Amberg Shepherds and would like to say all this is the most stand up kennel and would highly recommend if you are thinking of getting a pup or adult dog. Only deal with Alishia and Patrick! They stand behind every pup or dog they sell, with spectacular breeding, sound temperament, well socialized! You will receive the dog or pups of your dreams. I have imported many dogs from Germany, Italy and Bulgaria and just want to say beware of others! You will be very disappointed and dissatisfied! Not only the scammers that take you money, and the ones that send a dog or pup that is not what was agreed upon! You will not get any refund, and sometime no papers at all! So if you are reading this think twice on dealing with so called breeders! Thank again to Haus Amberg Shepherds, Alishia and Patrick for doing a great job and taking so much pride in the German shepherd breed!

– Madison Bankston

Meg Hilkey
Meg HilkeyClient
I have been into shepherds for 40 years and have been a vet tech for 20 years. I have never had a more pleasant and positive experience from a breeder. The dogs are amazing. The puppy I got is everything and more. You can tell they spend time with their puppies. She came out of the crate after 24 hours like what is up here I am and full of kisses. Great sound puppy my vet is so impressed also. They are wonderful in follow-up calls. I will text them a question and they either text me right back or call me.. Would recommend them to anyone that wants a good solid German shepherd. If I could give 100 stars I would.

– Meg Hilkey

Shawna Sweet
Shawna SweetClient
My husband and I recently picked up our puppy from Alishia and Patrick. The whole experience with them so far has been fantastic. They have been super helpful with every question we have had and welcomed us into German Shepherd family. I am extremely impressed not only with them, but with the quality of the puppies. Ace is already a wonderful puppy.

-Shawna Sweet

Christoph Seabrook
Christoph SeabrookClient
My wife and I recently expanded our family after picking up our little Azog and I have to say that Patrick and Alisha were truly amazing throughout the entire process. From discussing whether or not a German Shepherd would be the right fit for our family to promptly answering every one of our crazy questions (no matter the hour) regarding the puppy we have had nothing but understanding and patience.

Our little guy has been with us for around a week now and is an unbelievable puppy. Azog is fearless yet friendly, independent yet loving, and adventurous but will still cuddle up to you after a long day. I can say nothing but the best for how they raise their pups.

I would give more stars if I could and highly recommend them to anyone looking to expand their family with a world class puppy. Haus Amberg is honestly second to none.

– Christoph Seabrook

Andrew Kiefer
Andrew KieferRepeat Customer
Very professional, and down to earth. Shepherds sold are among the best, in looks and temperament. They sell only the best. Training is unbeatable, I would not They are family friendly, love to see kids and let them be little helpers.these guys are the only place I will ever go for a dog! Highly recommend them!

– Andrew Kiefer

Beth Burkowski
Beth Burkowski Customer, Service Dog
My family has always wanted a puppy, but we were so intimidated by what to do/how to train that we waited forever. Patrick and Alicia are amazing! They care about their GSD’s and it really shows. Our puppy is sweet and well socialized. And they walked us through the entire process, from what to feed, how often to take him out, and they’re helping us to train him. Fantastic people. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

– Beth Burkowski

Tasha Mahnke
Tasha MahnkeCustomer
We recently purchased a GSD from Patrick and Alicia and I must say, they picked the perfect pup for our growing family! Miss Dasia is fitting right in and making herself at home. Within the first 3 days she was sleeping through the night and picking up on commands quickly! She is very smart and we just love her! We cannot wait for her to meet our bigger baby girl back home in the states!! Thank you again for our new addition!!

– Tasha Mahnke

Danielle Tervo
Danielle TervoCustomer
Our experience with Haus Amberg Shepherds was nothing short of excellence! I am very impressed with their professionalism but even more pleased with the way they made me feel welcome when we met and received our pup. Patrick and Alishia are very knowledgeable and happy to answer ANY question even after the initial sale. I will definitely go to them for any services they provide in the future!

– Danielle Tervo

Chris Schulte
Chris SchulteCustomer
We recently expanded our family with a puppy from Patrick and Alishia, and I must that the customer and service and ease of the process was amazing. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire process and are always available to answer questions that may arise. I would fully recommend purchasing through this breeder!!!

– Chris Schulte

Michaelina Oliva
Michaelina OlivaCustomer
Alishia and Patrick are phenomenal. From the very beginning of inquiring as to what I needed to learn about GSD’s, they were a key factor in my learning process. I spent a long long time researching to educated myself on this breed as I was planning a BIG surprise for my husband who is a former K9 officer. Alishia and Patrick were very patient and informative which is why when I made my final decision, it was a simple choice as to where to get our puppy. I interviewed to learn, then wouldn’t have thought about getting a GS from anyone else. The transport from Germany to the states was a little confusing to me but they reassured me throughout the entire process and I felt I could trust them. With their guidance and assistance, my husband had the surprise of his life to be the daddy of an 8 week old LCGSD. Maximillian Ionidas is an AMAZING puppy!!! He is so handsome and intelligent. Everyone who meets or sees him is in AWE. He is now 10 weeks old and a ball of fire who has not only bonded well with his 10 week old brother from another mother Great Pyrenees but also a feline sibling. We absolutely adore him. Thank you so much Patrick & Alishia!!! Can’t wait to meet you in person.

-Michaelina & Armando Oliva

Brittany Jackson
Brittany JacksonCustomer
My experience with Haus Amberg Shephards was amazing! Patrick and Alishia were very down to earth, knowledgeable and care greatly about their dogs! My little Thor is so Handsome and smart! He’s perfect and loveable! If/when I want another pup I’m definitely coming back to Haus Amberg Shephards!

– Brittany Jackson

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