Dog Training Information

Haus Amberg Shepherds offers a wide range of training options for your dog. Our custom training programs are based on the level of your dog and the training goals you have in mind for your German shepherd dog. All training is done at our headquarters in Germany.

Our trainers utilize the NePoPo® training system. Patrick Lockett is a NePoPo® Premium School Graduate and Alishia Lockett is a NePoPo® Gold School Graduate and both believe in the training methodologies set forth by the program.

“After training, my dog is happy and obedient.”

What is NePoPo® dog Training? The NePoPo® dog training system was created by Bart Bellon and his wife Michael Bellon. With this method, the dog harnesses reward through his own seeking behaviors. The result is a dog who gives his heart and soul and an owner who is engaged and fulfilled.

NePoPo® is a trademarked name of Michael and Bart Bellon and a training system created by Michael and Bart Bellon.


Patrick Lockett

NePoPo® Premium School Graduate

Alishia Lockett

NePoPo® Gold School Graduate

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Previous NePoPo® Dog Training Events and Seminars

Past Events Location
NePoPo® Seminar Germany
NePoPo® Seminar Belgium
NePoPo® Seminar Rwanda
NePoPo® Private Seminar Dominican Republic
NePoPo® Seminar Rwanda
NePoPo® Seminar Poland
NePoPo® Private Seminar Germany
NePoPo® Private Seminar Germany
NePoPo® Private Seminar Paraguay
NePoPo® Private Seminar Germany

NePoPo®  Dog Training In Action