So, you’ve place your deposit…What comes next?

Have you placed a deposit on a planned litter?

  • If you have placed a deposit on a planned litter,the next update you will receive is when we will notify you when the female is confirmed pregnant. 

Have you placed a deposit on a confirmed litter?

  • If you have placed a deposit on a litter already confirmed pregnant, the next update you will receive is when the litter is born. We will wait one week after the litter is born until we notify you, as we like to be sure the puppies are healthy.

Your litter is born.

    • We will send weekly updates per email of the litter for which you are assigned.
      • If you are not receiving these emails, please check your spam folder and contact us so we can resolve this issue. 
      • We do not take individual photos of the puppies identifying gender. 
      • At week seven, we will start the identification process. 
    • We will set a pickup appointment at week 7 of age. These appointments are typically on the weekend. We have a specialized vet and appointment times are limited, which is why it is difficult to arrange any sooner. 
    • We will send an invoice to pay the remaining balance when the puppies are 6 weeks of age. The balance is due when the puppies turn eight weeks of age. We do not accept cash as payment. 

Attendance Required: Virtual Zoom Call

    • We will schedule a zoom call for you to attend. This meeting is required to attend this meeting as we will discuss several of the questions we often get from clients. If you cannot attend, please let us know as soon as possible. This will be scheduled a couple weeks before pickup. 
    • Please let us know if you would like any food and other equipment after attending this meeting. 

Picking up Your Puppy

    • You will pick your puppy in order of deposit received. 
    • We will briefly go over the puppy passport and check the chip number of your puppy. 
    • All balances must be paid before leaving the premises with your puppy. 

Going Home

    • If you leave us a review on our Facebook page, you can receive 10 EUR off your next Haus Amberg Shepherds purchase (food, equipment, etc.)
    • Pedigree papers should not be expected before 6 months after your puppy is taken home. When the papers arrive, we will contact you in regards to mailing them out or scheduling pickup. 
    • We will email the final version of your contract to you within a week of pickup to include your puppies full name, birthdate and chip number.