2015 Ingolstadt German Shepherd Show Recap

2015 Ingolstadt German Shepherd Show Recap

2015 Landesgruppen-Zuchtschau/ Bayern-Süd Ingolstadt

Sunday’s show was a great one to watch in Inglostadt, home of the Audi. Although the temperature was a boiling 92 degrees, the crowds turned out to watch the beautiful German shepherd breed strut its stuff around the ring. I would say the dogs looked great considering the high temperatures.

Show Results

Working Males (Gebrauchshundklasse Rüden) Judged by : Lothar Quoll

1st   V Groovy di Casa Massarelli

2nd  V Vitos von Bad-Boll 

3rd   V Pippo  House of Grumil

Working Females (Gebrauchshundklasse Hündinnen) Judged by : Lothar Quoll

1st  V Cristal di Casa Massarelli

2nd V Prisca von Bad-Boll

3rd  V Hilanda du Clos d’Azieu

Young Dog Males (Junghundklasse Rüden) Judged by : Lothar Quoll

1st SG Red Bull vom Kapellenberg

2nd SG Playboy vom Laabergau

3rd SG Jambo von der Liebeswarte

Young Dog Females (Junghundklasse Hündinnen)  Judged by : Wilhelm Nordsieck

1st SG Kiwi II di Casa Massarelli

2nd SG Wanta von Ropal

3rd SG Boney M  vom Bad Wäldle

Youth Dog Males(Jugendklasse Rüden) Judged by : Johann Mayer

1st SG Aldo vom Grafenbrunn

2nd SG Gordon Vom Aurelisbrandt

3rd SG Waico vom Fichtenschlag

Youth Dog Females (Jugendklasse Hündinnen) Judged by : Wilhelm Nordsieck

SG Vinia zum Gigelsfelsen

SG Fanny d’ Ulmental

SG Daly Crveni Mayestoso

Full results can be seen here on WinSis-CAT.com

Video of Show : Click to View



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